An Affiliate Partnership is when two or more businesses or organizations mutually agree to help each other achieve increased brand exposure, break into newer markets and reach out to new audiences and ultimately add more value to their products and/or services. A code or link is made accessible to the users, which when used allows you to earn a commission on each purchase made by them. And not just that, the users also get a discount on the purchase when they apply the code. 


How do Affiliate Partnerships work with Exly?

  • Exly has partnered with select brands to offer their affiliate benefits.

  • You get an opportunity to express interest in the affiliate partner you wish to collaborate with.

  • Once you express interest, an Exly representative will get in touch with you and share the sign-up link for that affiliate.

  • After signing up, your details would be reviewed. If approved, you will get your unique link and/or coupon code.

  • You can start promoting the said link and/or code to start earning via commission on each sale/purchase. 



How can the Affiliate Partnerships tool on Exly benefit you and your business?

Once you partner with any brand from the range of brands available for Affiliate Partnerships on Exly, you get the opportunity to earn on the go. You get a unique discount code which when shared with your users can help you earn up to 25% commission on each sale/purchase made using the said code. Plus, every time you sign up for an Affiliate Partnership, you get a branded creative that you can share on your social media accounts, web page, etc. to generate more interest and add to your credibility as a brand. 


How to apply for Affiliate Partnerships on Exly?

Follow this step-by-step guide to apply for affiliate partnership(s) on Exly:

Step 1: On the Creator Tool page, scroll down to the Exly Plus section on the left side. Click on Affiliate Partnerships.

Step 2: On the right side of the page, you can explore multiple affiliate partnerships offered by Exly. With each brand, you will see a commission percentage that you can earn

Step 3: Once you have found the right brand to collaborate with for an affiliate partnership, click on the Express Interest button. 

Step 4: An Exly representative will reach out to help you with the next steps and thus complete the process.