A brand partnership is when two or more businesses or organizations mutually agree to help one another increase brand exposure, and add more value to their products and/or services all this while trying to break into newer markets and reach more consumers to ultimately expand their consumer base. 


How to use the Brand Partnerships tool on Exly?
  • As a creator, you get to choose which brands you wish to collaborate with. This decision should be made keeping your business goals in mind and evaluating how any kind of partnership with a certain brand will add value to your business.  

  • Each brand partner creates a discount code on Exly and shares the same with the users.

  • You can create more buzz and generate interest in such collaborations by announcing the same on your respective social media accounts. 

  • The discount code for your chosen brand partner(s) is emailed to your clients/customers once they book their tickets/make their purchases via your web page.

  • Using the discount codes, the customers can avail of some amazing deals when they purchase an item from the website of their chosen brand partner(s). 


How does the Brand Partnerships tool on Exly benefit you and your business? 

When you decide to go ahead with a brand partnership with one of the many brands listed on Exly, you get a unique discount code that can be shared with your users. This allows them to avail great discounts on the selected brand’s products and/or services. And not just that, you also get a branded creative that can be shared on your social media accounts, web page, etc. This makes the brand appear more credible and engaging.

How can you apply for Brand Partnerships on Exly?


Here’s our simple step-by-step guide to help you apply for brand partnership(s) on Exly:

Step 1: On the Creator Tool page, scroll down to the Exly Plus section on the left side. Click on Brand Partnerships.

Step 2: On the right side of the page, you can explore multiple brand partnerships offered by Exly. With each brand, you will see a discount codediscount percentage, and discount end date.

Step 3: 
Once you have found the right brand to collaborate with, click on the Grab This Opportunity button. 

Step 4: An Exly representative will reach out to help you with the next steps and thus complete the process. 

Remember that you can only apply for a maximum of two brand partnerships at the same time.