Now that you know what Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are, you can easily install Exly's PWA on your iOS device by following this guide. PWAs are primarily installed through the Safari browser on iOS. However, you can use Google Chrome too. 


Step 1: Visit and click on the Share icon at the bottom of the browser. Now scroll through the Share options to find the Add to Home Screen button. Tap on that. 
Step 2: You can also customize the name of the PWA if you want it to appear differently on your home screen. Once you've decided on the name, click on the Add button. A shortcut icon for Exly's PWA will be added to your home screen. You can move and organize it like any other app icon.

Step 3: Tap on Exly's PWA icon on your home screen to launch the web app. It will open in a standalone, full-screen mode, just like any other app you use on your iPhone. Now sign in and click on the Allow button to enable push notifications on your device. 

Step 4: Exly's PWA is easy to use. Whether you want to design your website, create digital products like workshops, sell courses, schedule classes, analyze the dashboards, automate your workflows, accept payments, and whatnot, you can do it all. You won't have to log in again and again on the webpage to access the Creator Tool anymore. What's more? You receive push notifications in real-time! 

Always remember that the exact process and availability of PWA features may vary depending on your iOS version.