The All Transactions tool on Exly allows you to view all the transactions and the data collected with these transactions in one place. It helps you keep track of transaction statuses (failed/successful/pending), view invoices, discount amounts, and more.

How to use the All Transactions tool on Exly?

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to using the All Transactions tool on Exly.

Step 1: On the Creator tool page, scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen, and click on Transactions.

Step 2: A new screen will load on the right side of the page wherein there are two tabs - All Transactions and Manage Subscriptions.

Under the All Transactions section, you will see all transactions made by the end-users with their details.

All the transactions are listed by Customer Name, Contact Details, Assigned to, Offering Name, Offering Type, Payment Plan Type, Price Per Spot, Transaction ID,  Transaction Amount, Discount Code, Limited time offer, Discount Amount,  Payment Status., No. of units, International Transaction, Payout Amount, Payout Date, Customer Invoice, UTR Info, Transaction type and Payout Status

You can reach out to any customer via Whatsapp. Click on the WhatsApp icon next to their contact details to take the required action.

In case you don’t have any recorded transactions, you can directly add a new session/offering by clicking on the Add a Session button, and start transacting!

  • You can also filter users and search for specific transitions.

    • Click on Search By and select the condition for which you want to search.

    • You can add more than 1 filter to get combined results.

    • To clear all the filters click on Clear Filters.

Step 3: Click on the Export button to download this data in an .CSV sheet format.

Step 4: If you are facing any troubles with transactions and payment processings, click on View Performance.

Here you can get solutions for common issues such as:

What are the payment options available?

Payment failed, but money got deducted?

Payment went into processing state?

Payment is successful but did not receive any SMS confirmation of booking?