What are order bumps?

Order bumps on your offering's page are like those irresistible impulse buys strategically placed near the checkout line at stores. They're designed to tempt you with a little something extra, a delightful add-on that complements your primary purchase.

Imagine you're about to check out with your new online course and you're presented with an exciting offer for a bundle of bonus materials or a exclusive community access – talk about a sweet deal!

Adding order bumps to your offerings is a clever way to maximise the value for your customers while also giving your business a nice little revenue boost. It's like saying, "Hey, since you're already here and loving what you see, why not treat yourself to this awesome extra?" 

Read this easy-to-follow guide on how to create Order Bumps on Exly in an efficient manner:

Step 1: On the Creator Tool page, scroll down to the Create/Edit Offering menu on the left side.

From the Live Offerings page, select the offering for which you want to create an order bump for.

Click on the three dot menu next to the Share button of the offering and select Manage Offering option.

From the screen that opens, select the Thank You Page & Upsells card.

Step 2: In the new window that opens, you’ll see an option for Order Bump. Click on Manage Order Bumps.

Step 3: If you’re adding an order bump for the first time for this offering, you’ll see an empty screen. Click on Add Order Bump to start adding an offering to promote.

Step 4: A form will open with various information such as the offering you want to promote in the order bump, the offer price for it, title you want to add along with a description.

You can choose to keep the original price for this order bump or give it at a discounted price.

At the end of the form, you’ll get three tick boxes giving you the option to:

  • Show original price with strikethrough. This created an urgency for the customer. By showing them the higher original price and the now discounted price together, they can be tempted to by the offering.

  • Show order bump right before payment. The order bump is shown on the offering page. If you want, you can also show the order bump again once the customer is making the payment

  • Include order bump in the purchase by default. You can pre-select the order bump for the customer. They will still get an option to remove it from their cart.

Once done, click on Add and the order bump can now be seen on the screen.

Step 5: You can change the heading for the order bump. It is set as Bought Together by default but you can change and give it a different name such as: Complementary combo, Paired package, Add-on bundle etc.

Want to give users more details about the offering in the order bump? Check the box with title Enable redirection to associated offering on clicking order bump. By enabling this, clicking anywhere on the order bump card except for the checkbox will open the respective offering’s offer page.

Step 6: To check if the order bump has been placed, copy the main offering page’s link and open it in a separate tab.

To check how many people bought the offering that you were trying to upsell, Click on Manage Bookings and check the upsell numbers. Learn more about Managing Bookings from here.

Remember, if you have ‘Add To Cart’ feature turned on, you won’t be able to see the order bumps on the offering page.