Offerings are essentially the products or services that an end-user can purchase from your webpage. On Exly, you can create and edit a variety of offerings, the same are listed below:

Live Webinar 

By creating an offering for live webinar, you can host interactive webinars and educate your audience.


By creating an offering for online/offline workshops, you can offer single or multiple sessions on fixed dates and time slots.

Pre-recorded Courses 

By creating an offering for pre-recorded courses, you can create/upload a course using recorded audio, videos, and documents. You can use this offering to sell nutrition guides, diet plans, e-books, coaching tips, etc.


You can create a Telegram, Whatsapp and a Branded Community with Exly. By creating a community on our platform, you can foster a virtual space for like-minded individuals to connect, interact, and build a strong connection.


By creating an offering for one-on-one appointments and/or consultations, you can select your availability slots and get your clients to book a session with you.

Regular Classes 

By creating an offering for regular classes, you can teach single or multiple batches on a daily/weekly basis. For regular classes, the session for each batch starts and ends on the same date for everyone.

Quick Payments Pages 

By creating an offering for quick payment pages, you can create payment pages within 30 seconds and get paid for your services. You can even sell merchandise using this offering.

Flexible Classes 

By creating an offering for flexible classes, you can provide weekly, repeating lessons to single or multiple batches. Students will have different start dates based on when they pay for the class.


By creating a merchandise offering on our platform, you can create and sell your unique products directly to your audience.

How to start creating listings/offerings on Exly?

To create a listing/offering on Exly, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: On the left side of the Creator Tool page, click on the Create/Edit Offerings option.


Step 2: You can create a new offering by clicking on the Create an Offering button or the Add Offering option. 

Step 3: Select the offering of your choice from the six different options available by simply clicking on the Start Creating button. 

Step 4: Fill out the required details to complete the process of creating a new offering. Once you fill in the details, you can either choose to save it as a draft and edit it later or publish it right away for the end-users to purchase