Adding a section of frequently asked questions or FAQs is a great way to improve the user’s experience of your webpage. It allows the creator to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about their products, services, or offerings without having to individually repeat the same thing for each client. Adding FAQs helps facilitate efficient working on the creator’s part as it saves a lot of time and effort.

How to use the FAQs tool on Exly?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to use the FAQs tool on Exly: 

Step 1: On the Creator Tool page, scroll down the menu on the left side. Click on Manage Webpage and select FAQs from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2: Click on the Add FAQ button to add a new FAQ. 

Step 3: A new window will pop up on your screen wherein you can add a question and the answer to that question for any offering of your choice. You can even change the font, font size, add bullet points, links, and more to the FAQs.  



Step 4:  Once you have added the required details, click on the Save option.

Step 5: If you wish to Edit or Delete the FAQs, simply click on the button to take an action.   

Step 6: You can see how and where these FAQs will appear on your webpage by clicking on the Preview option.