Generating comprehensive reports, such as lead and transaction data, is akin to having a crystal ball that provides invaluable insights into the heartbeat of your business. These reports serve as a powerful tool for creators, offering an overview of their operations, customer engagement, and revenue streams.

These reports not only shed light on past performance but also serve as a guiding compass for future growth. Armed with this actionable data, you can optimise your campaigns, streamline processes, and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately driving revenue and profitability for your venture.

Read on as we walk you through the steps of generating Reports on Exly.

Step 1: On the Creator Tool page, click on the Workflow Tools menu. From the drop down options, click on Reports.

Step 2: From the new screen you can generate reports about Transactions, All Leads, User Payments - MIS, Payouts and Traffic Analytics.

To generate a report, click on the field below Report Type and select which type of report you want to generate from the drop down options.

After selecting the report type, select the time frame for which you want to generate the report for by picking a Start Date and End Date.

Click on Generate Report and you should be able to see a new entry in the table below with a Pending tag in Actions columns.

There are 3 tags that can appear next to a Report:

  • Pending: This means that the report you have requested is being generated. You will be able to access it within an hour of requesting

  • Download: The requested report is ready to be downloaded.

  • Failed: This means that the report you have requested has empty slots and cannot be processed. This usually happens when you pick a future start date and end date or when you don’t have any data that can be downloaded.